Treasure – beauty – love

Treasure is today’s theme for Photography 101.

Show us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close. Today, zoom in. Get close. Show us the twinkle in your son’s eye. A glint of gold. One perfect flower in the garden. Show us your treasure.

I found it very hard to decide what treasure meant to me and then to be able to photograph it, so I wandered around the house looking at jewellery and other favourite possessions.  They seemed too trivial.

I suddenly saw this picture of my parents on their wedding day, (their 56th wedding anniversary is just days away) and thought to myself – that’s it! I treasure the life they’ve given me, the values they’ve instilled in me, the examples they’ve set, and it hasn’t always been easy!

This is a photo of a photo and to me it represents beauty, love, and a life lived together. I have zoomed in on the photo and tilted it to create an interesting angle and edited the colours a little. It’s a little blurry but I think that just adds to it.  I think you can see the twinkle in their eyes and their fresh faced beauty is shining through for the world to see.  They are both so beautiful aren’t they?  I love the fact that I am a part of them.

So there you have it  – I treasure my parents and I wish them both a very happy anniversary.

My parents on their wedding day 56 years ago

6 Replies to “Treasure – beauty – love”

  1. Another lovely article Deb, it was such a happy day, I still remember so many parts of it. Hard to imagine it happened almost 56 years ago. We will be celebrating with Grandchildren and Great grandchildren and am so looking forward to catching up with them. Thank you again for your lovely thoughts and good wishes.

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