Weekly Photo Challenge: Converged in sporting grief

This one is stretching the bow a bit but I’m not really fazed too much!

Australian cricketer Phil Hughes died this week in a tragic accident, while playing a game of cricket. He was only 25. The outpouring of grief from around the world has been quite profound and I feel that people the world over have come together… or more precisely converged in their sporting grief. It’s been a very sad time and our thoughts must go the family and friends of this talented young man.

The phenomenon of putting out your bat for Phil Hughes has been one way for ordinary, everyday people to show their respects. Here is a link to a news item relating to this, just in case you don’t have any idea what has happened here in Australia.

Social media is full of photos such as this using the hashtag #putoutyourbats – bats resting against a wall. Cricketers young and old have joined in by putting out their bats and now I add mine.

“Backyard or beach cricket, no matter what level, we’ve all grown up with a bat and ball.

“This is our way to connect and show our sadness. Thoughts must go to [the bowler] Sean Abbott.”

Internet giant Google joined the chorus of those paying tribute to Hughes. Google Australia uploaded a simple image of a small bat with a green handle leaning against a wall on its homepage.

Put your bats out for Phil Hughes
Put your bats out for Phil Hughes #putoutyourbats

This week’s photo challenge is Converge:

Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together. 

I have used this photo to show how people the world over converge to share in something much bigger than themselves.  My family has put out our bat as our tribute and now I share it with you.

RIP Phil Hughes.


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