It’s not called the ‘silly season’ for nothing!

It’s now officially the silly season!  The person who coined this phrase was spot on (apparently it was first noted in 1861).  Ay my first event for the season, I looked around at all these normal, sensible people suddenly transformed by wearing silly hats, telling silly jokes from their bonbons and playing with silly plastic toys, also from said bonbons.  They were all having a great time chatting and laughing over a delicious Christmas themed meal and thoroughly enjoying the festivities. That’s what it’s all about!

This is just the start of many similar occasions noted in the diary over the next few hectic weeks.  We will all be silly with too much food, too many festive drinks, silly Christmassy outfits and accessories, too much silly shopping and too many back to back events and the list goes on…..  I have my next such occasion today at lunchtime.  This is exacerbated here in the land of Oz by the extreme heat at this time of the year, the occasional thunderstorms and threats of bushfires.

We will wear ourselves out with it all and hopefully not fallen in a heap by the time Christmas Day actually rolls around!  We need all the holidays we can to get over the silly season and be ready to see the new year in in similar style.  It’s certainly a fun time of year 🙂

Don’t start thinking that I’m one of those grumpy old women – I’m just stating the truth and you all know it!!  I’m very good at all things silly by the way.

Enjoy the silly season as best you can but also spare a thought for those who don’t do Christmas at all for whatever reason; those who have lost special ones during the year making it harder to enjoy the celebrations; those who have no one to share it with or are struggling with personal issues.  It can be quite a hard time of year for many.

And if you ever have a decent joke from a bonbon please let me know – it will ease my mind no end!

4 Replies to “It’s not called the ‘silly season’ for nothing!”

  1. Wow! I learned a lot from you today.:) In the US we do not call the weeks before Christmas ” The Silly Season” or have bonbons. I kind of knew what bonbons were from watching “Are You Being Served” but I think in England the call them crackers. It was really fun to read about your county’s/ continent’s traditions. It sounds like some much needed fun among the chaos. Thanks for the post.


    1. My pleasure Laura! It’s funny to think that we can all have such different customs but ultimately celebrate the same thing. It most definitely is the silly season with shos spruiking for sales, people out and about every night at events, school children tired and worn out (not to mention the teachers) with school finished today things should go up a notch! Enjoy your Christmas no matter how you celebrate it and thanks for commenting on my post 🙂


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