Weekly photo challenge: Twinkle, twinkle like a candle

Do you know long we have to wait for it to get dark enough to have twinkling lights down here in the land of Oz at this time of year? It takes ages and I still had to edit this picture so that it looks darker than it actually was!! I like the effect of the candles reflected in the window though, after all that! I love candlelight, especially at Christmas but it isn’t really the right time of year for us to have candles burning.

We bought this set of candles home from Finland a few years ago – every house had a set in their windows (at this time of year) and it was a beautiful sight! We have put them on our window sill but no-one can see them, as we live too far from the road but it makes us feel good and we love their effect.

Candles at Christmas
Candles at Christmas

I loved being in Europe for Christmas – the whole wintery scene, warm candlelight, cold, snowy weather, early nightfall and warm mulled wine. Christmas took on a whole new meaning that year, it really was just like a greeting card.

But here in Aus it’s a whole different season!

Thanks to the Weekly Photo Challenge for the idea of sharing our  photos of twinkling light – it’s nice to see everyone else’s take, as always.

5 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Twinkle, twinkle like a candle”

      1. Yes, I’m in the southeastern United States, so it’s not too bad for us. My problem is that I’ve been too busy to get out the decorations, but I have house guests coming in a few days, so that will motivate me (I hope).

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    1. No it’s ok thanks Sue! I’m enjoying our warm, long days at the moment, although after experiencing a European Christmas I do appreciate the different atmosphere far more. Enjoy your winter and I’ll enjoy our summer!

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