Weekly photo challenge: Yellow – my three photo essay

Before I start with my yellow photos for this week’s challenge, I have to say that yellow is my fave colour (at the moment) just don’t tell orange (who was my recent fave) or I’ll be in trouble 😛

I was up early sitting in my delightful sunroom and I checked in on this week’s photo challenge. I saw the theme of yellow, looked up and saw my yellow cushion across the room. This is where I’ll be relaxing over the holidays – but only in the early mornings as it gets far too hot later in the day.

Here’s my three photo essay on the theme of yellow.

Hope you enjoy my yellow pics 🙂

Deb xx

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8 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Yellow – my three photo essay”

    1. It’s amazing, i love it! We do use it as a greenhouse as well. It came as a kit and is polycarbonate not glass. Hope you can find one, i recommend it most highly. 😊


        1. That’s no good! A lot of people wondered why we’d have something like that in Australia, given our hot summers but the winter sun is lovely in it. And i can grow veges all year round – bonus!

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