Weekly photo challenge: New – 2015 is a blank canvas

A new year ahead with unlimited potential just like a blank canvas, not a cloud in sight, the sky is the limit… are there any other clichés I could have used for this photo? If you have any others just leave me a comment 🙂

This week’s weekly photo challenge is new.

Possibility. Opportunity. Potential. As another year gets underway, let’s celebrate the new.

It’s the first photo challenge of 2015, and the theme is “new.” Cliché? Perhaps, but clichés develop for a reason. For many of us, the year’s beginning is time to take stock of the past and plan for the future; this week, let’s get excited about those plans by celebrating what’s new.

I must admit that I am looking forward to a new year. I didn’t really like 2014 that much despite some great things happening like an amazing holiday, 2 daughters becoming engaged and wonderful family get-togethers.

At the moment 2015 is a blank canvas like the cloudless blue summer sky above me and I like to think that anything is possible.

A new year

4 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: New – 2015 is a blank canvas”

    1. Thanks Sue! I was talking the theme over with my husband over a cup of tea on the verandah. I looked up at the bright blue sky and thought what a great sight for a new year. Really enjoy your blog, you are an inspiration!

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