Black and White Challenge #5

My final black and white photo for the 5 day challenge is a fluffy dandelion.  They looked quite nondescript in the paddock when I went walking, looking for suitable subjects, but when I looked closer I saw the patterns, the structure and I just loved the ethereal, floaty nature of them. Make a wish and blow!

I must point out that I am not a photographer, I don’t even use a proper camera.  I use my iPhone and then edit photos using Instagram or the phone’s photo editing app.  I don’t know anything about technique or rules of photography – I just know what I like and I make my pictures to my taste.

Here’s my two dandelion photos from today – hope you like them – I do 🙂

Fluffy dandelion
Pattern and structure inside a dandelion
Pattern and structure inside a dandelion

I have enjoyed the 5 day black and white challenge and thank everyone for taking the time to look at my posts, for the likes and the comments.  I have been inspired by lots of other blogs and love looking at Monochrome Madness each week.  I have submitted a few photos there and should do it more often but often feel that they are out of my league!

In case you missed my other black and white photos for this 5 day challenge here are some links:

Day 1 – Stormy weather

Day 2 – Pine cone study

Day 3 – Blue tongue lizard comes to visit

Day 4 – Kites on the beach 

I will continue to experiment with black and white photography and look forward to seeing what others do as well.

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