Changing seasons project 01

A sunny, summer’s afternoon in the back paddock.  I try to go for a walk or a run every day in the forest near my house and these views are part of my route. I took these photos today with my iPhone and haven’t edited them at all.

The idea of this project is to take a few photos of an area once a month, so that by the end of the year I will have a portfolio of the changing seasons.  I have chosen to photograph my back paddock.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I sometimes take for granted my beautiful area, so this way I will have to take more notice and I will get to document the changes I see as I run/walk.  See here for more details from Cardinal’s post – thanks to him for creating this challenge.

I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and honing my eye to capture some of them throughout the year.

22 Replies to “Changing seasons project 01”

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you did your homework too! Wombats are study little animals and have a habit of digging in inappropriate places, like under our house. We had a set of interconnecting apartments with a family living and digging away under the house for a while!! Thanks for commenting as I just assumed everyone would know what they were, but now I know differently.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and joining me on my walk!! The clouds look so fluffy and white don’t they, especially against the blue of the sky. hopefully you enjoyed the brisk afternoon walk 😊

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    1. We don’t have a horse, just some visiting sheep! Nice pun by the way 😊 The hole is a wombat’s home. A wombat is unique to Australia and nocturnal. They dig a hole and crawl in head first. Their rump is built like a tank to repel intruders – they are kinda cute but can also be a nuisance. You don’t want to run over one in your car as they can do a lot of damage!

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