Weekly Photo Challenge: How’s the serenity?

“How’s the serenity” is a line from a classic Australian movie ‘The Castle’ from 1997. It says it all!

This photo is of my husband sitting contemplating the serenity early one morning on the island of Korcula, Croatia. I feel the serenity just oozing out of him.

How's the serenity in Korchula?
How’s the serenity in…Korcula?

This photo is one of my favourites from our recent holiday at the beach with family.  Two of my daughters had just enjoyed a paddle together in the late afternoon and were relaxed and happy.  I feel the serenity of this photo every time I look at it.

The girls together, the lovely setting, the inviting water, families together, the perfect day…until I remember that just after I took this photo of them playing so nicely, the older one started splashing her sister and ended up cutting her foot on an oyster shell, which the younger one said was karma! There was a moment of serenity there!

How's the serenity at the beach?
How’s the serenity… at the beach?

Weekly Photo Challenge

6 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: How’s the serenity?”

    1. Yes it didn’t last too long! But the views were lovely. It doesn’t matter how old the girls get they still revert to their younger selves at times. You’ve got to laugh 😊


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