Can you guess what this is?

What do you think this is?  It’s my first entry for the Photo 101 Rehab Clinic!

A weird find in the garden
A weird find in the garden

Yesterday my husband alerted me to this ‘weird’ thing growing in our garden, saying that I might like to photograph it. His first question was “what do you think it looks like?” I replied that I thought it looked like a skull, thinking it may have been the remains of one of our visiting sheep, picked clean by the birds.

But on closer inspection it was a mushroom!!

I immediately thought of Lucile’s Photo rehab clinic.  I decided that I have to join in this time and that this would be my first entry. I really enjoyed the support and encouragement while doing Photography 101 and look forward to continued fun!

I took the photo with my iPhone, edited it sparingly, made it black and white, highlighting the markings and ‘voila’, my first photo for the rehab clinic.

Let me know if you think it does indeed look like a skull or some other ‘weird thing’ or if you have had a similar growth in the garden. Interesting what you find in the garden!


65 Replies to “Can you guess what this is?”

    1. I like the tone that black and white gives it, sort of adds to the atmosphere. Glad I’m not the only one who can see a skull, I’m not usually one to see death and destruction all around me! Nice to be a part of the clinic 😊 thanks for the welcome.

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