A moment in time!

A dead snake – this is the last photo I took on my iPhone in response to today’s prompt ‘a moment in time’. It’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken but I wasn’t exactly planning on meeting a snake – dead or alive – while out running.

It was while I was out for a quick run on Monday, after work and before our Rotary dinner meeting, that I saw something odd on the road ahead.  As I got closer I realised it was a snake but wasn’t sure if it was dead or alive. I stopped and gingerly tiptoed (don’t ask me why!) around him to make sure he was dead before running away (fast!). He hadn’t moved when I came back past him so I figured he was dead and took a photo – as you do! I think he’d been run over and for your interest it was a brown snake, quite  high up in the deadliest snakes in the world!

I admit to being a bit spooked because recently when I was out running, I was in mid stride and realised a snake was curled up below me,  just where I was about to put my foot down.  I particularly remember noticing how beautifully yellow his belly was as I sailed over head him and kept running as if my life depended on it! This goes against everything I’ve ever been told but my mind wasn’t functioning very clearly. From that moment on every stick looked like a snake and I was very pleased to get back home.  I run alone on tracks in the bush and pine forest near my house so if I was to be bitten by a snake I’m not really sure what I’d do.

I think I’d better make a plan in case I ever get to that moment in time….


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5 Replies to “A moment in time!”

    1. Haha! Thanks for your concern. I guess we get a bit blase living here amongst all the deadly creatures. 😊 it may have been very different had it been alive.


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