Weekly Photo Challenge: Express yourself silly!

I’m running a bit late for the week’s photo challenge with the topic Express Yourself  but I can assure you that I have been thinking about it since I saw it last weekend.  I think it makes a great topic and the many varied posts show that you all agreed!

How do I express myself?

I blog! I write, I take pictures, I share, I read, I comment, I like.  If you haven’t visited my blog for a while, don’t be shy come and check it out.  http://www.debs-world.com

My Blog!
My Blog!

How do I express myself?

My face! I can’t keep my thoughts to myself as my face gives me away every time.

Playing in a friend's princess tent
Playing in a friend’s princess tent

How do I express myself?

Bright colours!  I love orange and yellow and bright colourful things in my clothes, my accessories, my car, flowers, the list just goes on…..

How do I express myself?

Talking to anyone anywhere – just ask my daughters – I will talk to anyone!

I’m glad I’ve finally done this post as it’s been hanging over my head all week!

6 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Express yourself silly!”

    1. Always happy to see your comments and encouragement – thanks for taking the time to stop and comment. I really wanted to get the post done as it had been rolling around in my head for a while although it didn’t quite work out as I planned! Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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