Monthly Photo Challenge: Changing seasons 02

The second month of Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons has come around very quickly. In case you don’t know what it’s all about here’s a brief rundown – every month at roughly the same time we are to take a collection of photos of somewhere around our area so that we can see the seasons change, share our neighbourhood, build up a portfolio of photographs and have fun taking photos. We are to post 5-20 photos in a gallery on our blog and share with others. Cardinal Guzman is in Oslo so we get to see a completely different perspective.  Here is a link to his second post click here to see his beautiful shots of downtown Oslo.

I am sticking pretty close to home for my photos each month, featuring my back paddock, views from my house and walking tracks through the forest, just out of the back gate. I’ll try to capture the changing seasons in plants, wildlife, light, colours and skies.

My first post is here in case you missed it. I focussed on big skies, fluffy clouds, the wombat hole, the trees and the paddock.  As I’m in Australia it’s been lovely to see all the posts from the northern hemisphere bloggers, featuring wintery scenes,  while we enjoy our summer months.

This month I found some busy ant nests, some delicious wild blackberries (they are noxious weeds here and sprayed with poison), a beautiful morning sky, some bewildered sheep, grapes on next door’s vines, my 10 stones representing my ten hill sprints, a confused tree that thinks it is almost autumn, the moon in the morning sky and general vistas from our house. I took all my picture with my iPhone and used Instagram to edit them.

I hope you enjoy this month’s visit to my part of the world. I look forward to seeing how others showcase their take on changing seasons.

Deb 🙂

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12 Replies to “Monthly Photo Challenge: Changing seasons 02”

    1. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true! They were introduced here many years ago and have gone wild and are a real pest. You can still find some that aren’t sprayed and the fruit is very popular for eating, making jams and cooking. It’s a different world down here!


    1. So glad you saw my morning moon! I know I am very lucky to have this landscape on my doorstep. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s changing seasons – it’s like a little trip away each month. 😊

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