Sunflower bud – Photo Rehab

I love looking at the photos that bloggers take for the Photo rehab clinic that Lucille at Bridging Lacunas co-ordinates.   I offer my latest favourite photo to be included.

Sunflower bud
Sunflower bud

We had a power blackout for the second night in a row tonight after another violent storm swept through the area and I took the time to walk around the garden and enjoy everything washed clean from the rain. It’s amazing how quiet the world is without power.

I took this photo of my sunflower plant (which is growing nicely) on my iPhone and then fiddled with the image, as there was little else I could do without the power on.  I lost myself in the editing process for a while and ended up with this delightfully simple picture (which I really like).

The sunflower has been grown from seed and this is just the bud, it will probably take a few more weeks before it will open up into the full flower.  Don’t worry, I will take a photo when it does open up!

I love sunflowers they always seem so happy. So now I’m happy because I’ve joined in again and am a member of the Photo Rehab clinic.

Let me know what you think! Do you like sunflowers too?

Deb 🙂

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