Weekly Photo Challenge: (Heartfelt) Symmetry (on Valentine’s day)

Heart - my take on symmetry!
A heart – my take on symmetry!

A heart for Valentine’s Day

Just to be up front about it….we don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day.  There I’ve said it!!

I figure that we’ve been married for over 35 years so everyday should be Valentine’s Day, not saying that it is, just that it should be!

For this week’s photo challenge theme of Symmetry, I remembered a photo of a heart made of vines that I’d taken while on My Big Adventure in Sweden a few years ago.

I was with the parents of my Rotary Exchange Student, who was back at my place in Australia at that time, and we were on a road trip around their area. (Yes it was weird knowing that he was back in Australia and I was in Sweden, although he found it weirder than I did, especially when I sent photos from his house).

We ended up in Rorum, near Stenshuvud National Park in Skane, as they had a beach house in the area.  Stenshuvud is a 97 metre high hill facing the Baltic Sea with a lovely swimming beach below. Most of the area around it is quite flat so I can imagine that it was used as a good landmark.

We went for a walk in the late afternoon down to the beach and up the hill where I loved the ruins of an old 5-6th century fortress.  There were some lovely old (newer) buildings and this huge heart was amongst them.

It was made of woven vines of some sort and I made a note in my travel blog that one day I’d like to take my husband back there to renew our vows…as I’m not a very romantic person it must have made an impression on me!!

A heart, to me, is the perfect explanation of symmetry being something you can fold in half and it reflects back onto itself. A definition (on Google) of symmetry includes the words – “…refers to a  sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance”.  I like that!

There have been so many lovely examples in other posts on this topic – of buildings, reflections and clever pictures – take a look here.

On this Valentine’s day, I offer my photo of a heart as my heartfelt example of symmetry.

Deb 🙂

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