Tea Time #7 – Spring time teacups

Spring in a tea cup

Tea time is great fun and thanks go to Justine at Eclectic odds n sods for hosting us all.  I love reading her synopsis of everyone’s posts after each tea party, they are very entertaining! It’s always delicious with so many yummy treats on offer and such interesting people dropping by.

I have visited Tea Time a few times now – for Tea Time #4 I shared an Australian video clip along with some warmer weather; for Tea Time #5 I took along my tea buddy ‘Dave’ and for Tea Time #6 I took along my family who were visiting and I had a confession about  ‘Dave’ (you’ll have to read the post if you want to hear what the confession was).

I also realised that I haven’t been taking a plate of food along and now I feel bad!

I’m not a big fan of cooking but I can, and do cook, quite regularly. I’m currently trying to improve my health and fitness by eating healthy foods and running/cycling/walking on a regular basis. I am enjoying eating  rhubarb and yoghurt topped with a sprinkling of granola but realise that this isn’t something you can take along to a tea party. It is very yummy though!

I’m not bringing along a recipe or food today but I will one day I promise! 

Instead, today I’m sharing my favourite photo of beautiful Danish tea cups that I fell in love with in a shop in Copenhagen.  They were delicate, pretty, stylish and completely out of my price range!

Spring in a tea cup
Spring in a tea cup

I wrote a post about them last year which you can read here. I love the feeling of Spring that they evoke and as many of you, my blogging friends, are approaching Spring I thought that they might brighten your day a little.

Enjoy the wonderful experience of drinking tea out of such delicate and beautiful tea cups and thanks again for having me over.

Deb 🙂

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5 Replies to “Tea Time #7 – Spring time teacups”

  1. ooh la la i would love one or two or three of these and your right, there is something to be said about drinking out of a nice cup/mug or whatever takes your fancy. I must admit to having my favourites for different things which really does get quite complex and then certain ones for guests etc etc. And of course if you wish to bring granola that is absolutely fine, you know some posh things can be done with granola haha, really! Thank you for popping by again to visit and are the pants on the right way now this time? x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Justine, I can assure you that Dave has them on the right way now!
      I can remember being pregnant and having a weird compulsion to drink tea out of pretty China cups instead of my normal mugs, sort of like a craving! Thanks again for the warm welcome to Tea Time, it’s become one of my favourite regular hangouts. 😄


  2. Hello , I love the beautiful and indeed cups , you ‘ve taken the Time of Justine some of which I have me and I like to wear on special occasions . It is true that tea , coffee, or whatever you like to take one of those cups knows much more good. I find your precious cups and admittedly with them seems faster in the spring. I also like to attend the party Justine ever and enjoy meeting so many great people .
    I am using the translator, I hope you understand …
    Greetings .


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