Spreading the Love

Something new!

I have been nominated by the lovely desleyjane to take part in the Spread the Love event. Justine at Eclectic odds n sods made it more of an event than a challenge.

Here are the rules of the event:

Write 10 four-word sentences about what love means to you

  1. Share your favourite quote on love.
  2. Nominate 10 other bloggers to join in.

So here are my responses:

1. What love means to me x 10 (in no particular order) – it was very hard to stop at 10!:

Love for my family

Love my three daughters

Love is total acceptance

I love to travel

A cup of tea

Love a lazy Sunday

Love all things orange

Stepping on crunchy leaves

Love reading and running (but not at the same time)

I love being me

2. My favourite quote on love (at the moment) comes from a song which Desleyjane used as well

Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections – John Legend (All of Me).

I used this same line from the song in a post I wrote ages ago, on our 34th wedding anniversary – Flip to my flop – as it says so much about love and acceptance to me. My daughters thought I was being way too sentimental and soppy.  There are so many good quotes, songs and thoughts on love, it’s hard to know where to start and stop.

This quote says it very well too:

You are the peanut to my butter, twinkle in my eye, spring in my step, blue in my sky, sweet to my dreams, beat of my heart, milk to my shake, flip to my flop, best friend, love of my life.

3. I’ll be upfront about this one – as many of you may know from recent challenges, I am somewhat reluctant to nominate others because most of the time they have already been nominated, but I will try to ask a few to join the event as I believe that love really does make the world go ’round.

 Debbie’s Daughter – yes she’s one of mine!!

Musings from the cold

Travel tales of Life

Mother Hen diaries

Wide in Tights

Change is Hard

No pressure to participate, it’s just nice to see and hear good things sometimes instead of all the bad crappy stuff we have to put up with!

That’s my take on love – I hope you enjoyed it and even if I haven’t nominated you, but you’d like to be involved, feel free to do your own post – you are all most welcome to spread the love.

This picture is of my family a few years ago – we love having fun together.

Family jumping for joy
Family jumping for joy

Deb 🙂

8 Replies to “Spreading the Love”

  1. Ha! Only just saw I’d been tagged in this Deb! I, like you, think I’ll have trouble stopping at 10 – and there are indeed countless song lyrics I adore for the way they describe love.

    I’m now on holidays, so I look forward to taking up this ‘challenge’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great Jen. I’ll be in Brisbane with mum & dad & Eliza for a few days next week. Will let you know if we can catch up. Look forward to your response.


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