Shall we dance?

I can’t dance. And neither can my husband.

This hasn’t been an issue for most of our 35 years together, we both like music and enjoy watching others dance.  Sometimes we have been known to give in and just get up and join in but not very often! I have never felt confident dancing and the feeling of being uncoordinated and less than confident always ruins my enjoyment.  My husband on the other hand is known for his stick insect style of dancing- he is very tall, gangly and long limbed and a stick insect is exactly what he looks like. He doesn’t mind in the least.

This has become an issue (well for me anyway) as our daughter is getting married in November and they are planning to have a great band play at the reception.  I don’t want to embarrass her, or myself, so have come up with an amazingly cunning plan – we will take dancing lessons!

I have romantic visions of us wowing the assembled crowd….but then I wake up!

Image result for dancing
Is this a bit much to ask for?



(I will openly admit to being a fan of TV reality dancing shows – does this make me a bit sad?)

I’m not worried about ruining the surprise, as my daughter doesn’t read my blog and my neither does my husband (I wonder who actually does read it!), and I know that you will keep the surprise for me. I now have to somehow talk him into embracing this amazing plan and  have to find someone to teach us.  Which bit should I do first?

We are both very fit and active so I don’t see that being a problem, but we are also both very busy, work fulltime and don’t have a lot of free time available. It could be a lot of fun though if we approach it in the right way.

The wedding is very exciting for our family as it is the first one for us, the first of our three girls to get married. I haven’t mentioned it too much in my blog so far as I didn’t want to appear to be too excited.  My daughter and her fiancée are independent, have travelled, lived and worked overseas and we have had to fight to be allowed to pay for anything.  I have managed to wrangle a few things off them and will help out in any way I can.  S is a busy career girl turning 30 this year, working full time and finishing off her Masters Degree.  She will not be turning into a Bridezilla  and I won’t turn into a Mumzilla, I can assure you of that!

We are lucky in that we only live 3 hours drive away from each other and talk/message every few days so I think we will cope OK with the stress of it all.  So far I’m happy to say that it’s been fun 🙂

So far my list of things to do before the big day include:

  1. Grow my hair – not sure how long yet but can guarantee it won’t get too long before I will want to cut it all off
  2. Grow my fingernails – this is slowly happening and I had my first manicure today (normally I feel so embarrassed about my nails that I don’t bother)
  3. Get fit and lose some weight – my running regime is helping out
  4. Find a dress, shoes and accessories that are in keeping with my role as MOB but also display a modicum of my personality but don’t overwhelm the bride or bridesmaids – no pressure here to get it right!
  5. Help out with any decisions that I get asked to help out with – I’m only offering advice if I’m asked for my opinion (that’s the theory anyway!)
  6. Learn to dance – it’s now or never!!

So if you have any other ideas for me, feel free to let me know.  I’ll keep you posted on my big plan!

Deb 🙂




19 Replies to “Shall we dance?”

  1. LOL, love the idea of you doing the dance leap from Dirty Dancing. How exciting for you all to be having the first wedding. You have an impressive list of jobs to do there but I’m sure you’ll manage them! Dance lessons should be fun!

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  2. Deb our daughter is getting married in Sept! I can relate to many of the things you say. When our son got married we had a couple we know well and who were great dancers come to our home. It worked very well!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking like this Sue! I’ve got some friends who dance well, I was thinking of asking them for help before I go to a professional (that’s if my husband would agree to it! ). Thanks for your insight. We will have to compare notes after the respective big days.

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  3. I bet it would be so much fun to take those dancing lessons with your husband!i If you do, I hope you enjoy those moments along with the pleasure of dancing at the wedding! P.S. Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance are two of my favorite TV Shows. I love the way the stars say it is the best experience and so much fun. And now, you might take the leap and learn!

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    1. Thanks, I’m so glad to know that someone else enjoys those dancing shows! I love seeing their progress and skills improve. I’ll be sure to let you know how we get on. 😊


  4. About dancing: learn three basic steps , Waltz, foxtrot and the Barn dance. You will need the waltz step so you can join the newly weds, the foxtrot, which is easy and looks good,the BARN DANCE,which allows everyone to participate..There must be someone in Tumbarumba who can do it

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  5. Or don’t worry about the dancing! Just went to a family wedding. 99% of the dancers were either wiggling, jumping, pointing, shaking to the fast dances, or shuffling around in the slow dances, nothing fancy. The life-long good dancers seemed to be having a good time, but the hacks had a ball. Visiting from Sunday Blog Share. Happy family celebration.

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    1. Thanks for the visit, lovely to have you over 😊 Your comment is much appreciated and we will no doubt be having too much fun to worry about our dancing style anyway. Love Sunday blog share for finding and sharing interesting reads.


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