Splash of colour! 

 One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well – Vincent Van Gogh

Pick a door - any door as long as it's green!
Pick a door – any door as long as it’s green!

For this week’s Eclectic Corner #8 Justine has asked us for a ‘Splash of colour’ and maybe some poetry or a quote.

I have used a great quote attributed to artist Van Gogh which mentions both colour and poetry and it resonates with me as I love colour – see my recent post for proof of this love of colour!

My photo is from last year’s cycling trip in Croatia.  The town of Stari Grad is on the northern side of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia and is one of the oldest towns in Europe. I can remember taking this photo because I loved the splash of green in the doors in this very old stone building.  Stari Grad is an amazing UNESCO World Heritage listed site which includes the Stari Grad Plain.  We fund Croatia to be full of a history very different to our history back at home in Australia.  We loved walking and cycling around many such historic sites all over Croatia.

I have also included a photo I used in an earlier post this week, Awesome Autumn.  This photo is the only one from this post that I didn’t edit in any way.  The deep wine red is very natural and suits the vineyard location.  I hope you like it too.

Deep red
Deep wine red

Have a look at the other posts in Eclectic Corner by clicking on the link at the start of my post. It’s great to see what others come up with.


Deb 🙂

8 Replies to “Splash of colour! ”

    1. I thought of that song too but wasn’t sure if it would be known enough to mention it! But hey, at least 2 of us remember it, who would have thought it!! Love photographing doors 😊. Thanks Desleyjane.

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  1. Oooh what a lovely green door and also I need to tell you or a door challenge going on, let me pop by my messages as this would be fab for that hehe. Looking at photos brings back such great memories normally. This reminds me slightly of Clovelly Village where I am going near on holiday tomorrow for a week, so I shall think of this photo if I end up going back there hehe. Thank you so much for joining I hope your having fun blog hopping? Now let me go and find this door challenge, brb xxx

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    1. I loved hearing your audio, it was a great addition to the post. You may not realise but I hate edges so will find something to suit this in my archives I’m sure.


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