A sad day

Today should have been the happiest day of their lives but it was the saddest day of all.

You may have heard of this but just in case you haven’t…..

A young teacher went into her school last weekend to complete work for while she was to be away on her honeymoon. She was due to be married within days. She was never seen again by her fiancée, her family or her friends. A massive search was undertaken.

What is thought to be her remains were found today, the day she was to be married to her childhood sweetheart. It is alleged that she was murdered by a cleaner at the school.

As the mother of a bride to be, I can’t begin to imagine how her fiancée and her family are coping with this awful tragedy. With everything ready for the wedding and guests arriving, the sadness would be overwhelming.

The small town where she taught is in mourning and today her parents hosted a picnic for people to attend. They were asked to wear yellow (her favourite colour) and to take along their stories and memories of Stephanie. This in itself is remarkable. I honestly don’t know how I would cope if I was in their position.

My daughter loves yellow too and she went wedding dress shoping today. It put it into perspective for me.

My husband is a teacher and most of my friends are teachers. They all go into school during holidays and weekends to prepare work and I expect them to come home again afterwards and thankfully they do.

This young teacher should have been married today but instead she is being mourned.

There is a lot about this on social media with many brides today asked to wear a bit of yellow in honour of Stephanie. Others are putting out their wedding dresses or sharing photos of their dresses online. Many of these people, like me, do not know Stephanie but feel for her family and fiancée and want to show their support and the fact they are in our thoughts.  An outpouring of grief is an apt description.

It’s a sad, sad day indeed. My heart goes out to everyone involved.



12 Replies to “A sad day”

  1. I’m so sorry to read this. I hadn’t heard the story. My sister is a teacher, she is always at the school after hours and on weekends. Alone. I’ve always worried. Now I realize my worry is not unfounded. The cleaning person was probably someone Stephanie saw regularly and didn’t fear. How sad.

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  2. Such a sad sad day, this has been constantly in thoughts today, l can’t imagine how the family is dealing with it all. Did you read her sister’s speech that she prepared for the wedding – so lovely.

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  3. I can’t articulate why, but this story has affected me greatly. When she was reported missing, I waited anxiously and with dread in my heart for any further developments. When I heard that the janitor had been arrested under suspicion of murder, my heart sank even further. But nothing could have prepared me for some of the details coming to light now that Stephanie’s remains have been found.

    I will never, ever understand what it is that causes a person (or persons) to commit such attrocities. I know it is early days, and I am not someone who condemns a person through trial of media (we don’t know for sure it was the custodian), but someone did this, and my heart breaks for the family who is left behind to ask why.

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    1. I agree Jen, it’s been so awful following the whole story. I feel for her family. As you say, it has affected many of us without us really understanding why. I think it’s because we can all relate to it in some way – as teachers, as mothers, as brides and it should never have happened at all. It’s too close to home for many of us.

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  4. Reblogged this on Deb's World and commented:

    Today is Stephanie Scott’s 28th birthday and her mother asked us all to join the family by stopping for a cup of tea and a mint slice (her favourite biscuit) at 3pm today. My workplace stopped to honour and remember Stephanie, it was a sombre tea break to say the least.

    I’m pleased to say that most shops sold out of mint slices today as people heeded a mother’s simple request. At the end of the day I was able to come home knowing my three daughters are all safe and happy living their lives to the fullest. I have a 28 year old planning her wedding and another daughter was married late last year so this hit me very hard. I can only wish her family and her fiancee peace and the strength to continue on.

    Her body was found on the day of her wedding and her killer was convicted to a life sentence just days before her 28th birthday. How sad!

    As I said in my original post ‘Rest in Peace Stephanie’.


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