Monthly photo challenge: Changing Seasons 04

The Changing Seasons Photo Challenge is a great way of ‘seeing’ the seasonal changes in a specific area throughout the year.

This is my fourth instalment of the monthly photo challenge instigated by Cardinal Guzman, where we are to take a group of photos of a similar location each month to see the changing seasons as well as build up a portfolio and improve our photography. I am sticking pretty close to home for my photos each month, featuring my back paddock, views from my house and walking tracks through the forest, just out of the back gate.

It’s now well into Autumn here and I love it.  I love the autumnal colours and the crisp air, the tang of wood smoke from the fires already lit in people’s houses, the need for a change in clothing, the way the days end quite early and the beautiful early morning light. Our area is perfect for autumn colours and cool climate wines due to our altitude.

I have tried to capture some of these changes in this month’s photos and hope you can feel the autumnal chill in the air through my pictures, despite the sunshine and blue sky. The days can still get quite warm by the late afternoon but there is a definite chill and we have had some quite cold days recently.

It’s a bit harder to get out and go walking and running of a morning, but it’s well worth it when I do make the effort. The splash of colour everywhere, the lovely light of an afternoon, the sunsets and the sunrises – you can’t go past it for beauty!

In case you missed my earlier changing seasons posts I’ve added links here for you to click on.

Changing seasons 01

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Changing Seasons 03

It’s always great to visit other bloggers to see how they have interpreted this challenge and one of my favourite blogging friends is Lucile at Bridging Lacunas.  Here’s a link to her most recent Changing Seasons post from Amsterdam. Her location is so different to mine that I feel like I’ve been for a visit every time I see her posts!

Until next month!

Deb 🙂



12 Replies to “Monthly photo challenge: Changing Seasons 04”

  1. First of all, dear friend Deb, thank you so much for this lovely and touching surprise!! I’m humbled by your comment and overwhelmed by your kindness.

    Now to your stunning gallery.
    It’s such a different scenario than in previous months. The autumn colors are glorious. The mist in the mornings. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
    Through your photos I feel like being there as well.

    Warm hugs from Amsterdam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you didn’t mind me linking to your post! It’s just so different to where I live and I love visiting. Thanks for the lovely comments on my photos. I was running late so didn’t really plan the post too much bI’m glad it worked ok. Really appreciate your support. ❤️


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