Momentarily caught napping 

I’ve been caught napping! I’m momentarily out of action here but if you look closely….


I’m still smiling 😊

What can I say – it was a particularly busy day, it was cold, the fire was on making the house cosy,  the beanbag was a comfy place to be in front of the fire and I may have rested my eyes for a few moments and I was snapped!

This is my photography post for the new look Eclectic Corner #11 with the theme of momentarily.


8 Replies to “Momentarily caught napping ”

  1. Us women never get any piece do we? Even snapped whilst asleep lol.

    Your like sleeping beauty but you know a secret with that smile right?

    A great take on momentarily and thank you for joining in. Hope to see you next week for the writing bit hehe xxx

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