Droplets of Dew – Changing seasons 05

While having breakfast this morning, I looked outside and saw these droplets of dew sparkling in the early morning sunshine.  I felt compelled to walk out onto the wet dewy lawn to take some photos even though it meant I would be late for work!

I took them (as usual) with my iPhone and am quite happy with how they have come up.  I call this my dew drops gallery!

I submit this gallery of dew drops as my changing seasons post for Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Photo Challenge and also Lucile’s Photo rehab. My earlier posts are included here in case you’d like to see how things have been changing over the past few months in my neck of the woods.

PS. I also love the way the water acts like a lens and flips the reflection over so that the sky is upside down in the dew drop photos. I believe science is at work here.

Changing seasons 01

Changing Seasons 02

Changing Seasons 03

Changing Seasons 04

I hope you enjoy my little gallery! See you next month.

Deb 🙂

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  1. Lovely dew drops Deb. That spider web is glorious!!

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  2. I saw one at IG and was in awe; and when looking at all the others…oh my, they’re gorgeous!

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  3. Stunning photos. The spider web captivates your imagination.

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  4. A gorgeous gallery especially with your iPhone! Well done!

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  5. Great gallery! So fresh. I think I can smell the morning air!

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  6. Great photos, love them. It’s the simple things that bring a smile and warm the heart.

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  7. What a beautiful set of dew drops – it would be very easy to forget time …

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  8. This is an excellent iphone gallery! I’m impressed! 🙂

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  9. Oh my! This is a lot of dew! And so pretty!! I hope you weren’t late for work, or if you were, that it was worth it 🙂

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  10. Some morning dew always freshens up things.

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  11. These are GORGEOUS captures!

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  12. Such a beautiful series of pictures – all so different!

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