Every day is an adventure – day 8/365

Magnolia seed
Magnolia seed pod?

A walk around a garden which is slowly subsiding into winter, gave me this surprise today.  It’s on the magnolia tree so I can only assume it’s a seed pod.  There are many of them on the tree, all fluffy white with a beautiful colourful centre piece.  It made my day with it’s ethereal beauty!!  What an adventure awaits it in the springtime 🙂 My daily photo project is coming along nicely and I invite you to stop by and check out all my posts in one place by clicking this link Every day photo project  Have an adventure!! Deb

7 Replies to “Every day is an adventure – day 8/365”

    1. Thanks Dawn, just as well as I did as the recent rain has washed them all away! It’s great finding new things and sharing them isn’t it? Glad you liked it too.


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