Tea Time #12 – I’ve found IT!

Come on over to the Tea Party at Justine’s Tea Time , I want to share with you my very exciting news!

As we’re now sitting comfortably and all have a delicious snack close to hand, superbly provided by the many other bloggers in attendance, (such as Desley), and accompanied by Justine’s delicious chocolate tea, or Lucile’s soothing Oolong Tea, depending on your tastes, I’m ready to share my news.

I have found my perfect *MOB dress for my daughter’s wedding later in the year!!!

It was quite painless and really fun in the end – who would have thought?? The relief is palpable I can tell you 🙂

Phew!! So that’s another item ticked off from my MOB list. (If you’ve missed the updates on my MOB adventure click here for past stories, they’re a real hoot!)

The Search for THE Dress

Just in case you were interested in how it all came about read on…..I was told about this delightful shop in a small touristy town about 180kms away (approx 2 hours driving time in another state of Australia) and so decided that it was worth a trip to see if they could live up to the hype.  

I’m happy to say that they did.  I had rung the day before to confirm that they’d be open on a Sunday and from that first call I was made to feel welcome.

I had a few ideas of what I didn’t want in my MOB dress and mentioned them and I told them what colours I liked and didn’t like. I then put myself in their capable, experienced hands and left it to them to bring me some outfits to try on.  I was pleasantly surprised when the first dress and jacket fitted perfectly and looked amazing (according to the experts) – but I didn’t choose this one!

Not this one!
Not this one – although it was very special!

Apparently we were looking for the WOW factor and dress number 1 had it in spades but I wasn’t convinced it was that easy!  

I persevered and tried several other outfits on with varying degrees of success. I felt special and elegant in all their choices and I must admit to having a great time.  They paid me many compliments and my head swelled but that wasn’t the reason I ended up buying something there – I’m not that gullible! I was allowed to have a photo taken in my final two choices so that could send them to my daughter for her comments.  She did like the one pictured but I found something I felt even more special in! I’m keeping that a surprise for on the day.

I celebrated with a delightful cup of black tea in a little café and pondered on the fact that customer service is a real gift that some people have and some don’t.  I’m glad to report that it is still available if you know where to look and is still very important in making a shopping experience a success.

Thanks for having me and not judging me, in that I rarely bring anything to share food wise!

So now that I’ve shared my news with all my friends over a lovely hot cup of tea, I’d love to know what’s been happening in your world lately?  A tea party is such fun when shared with good friends.

Deb 🙂

*MOB – aka Mother of the Bride

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13 Replies to “Tea Time #12 – I’ve found IT!”

  1. You look amazing in that dress I love it so if you didn’t chose it the one you chose must be out of this world lol you go girl! Vavooooom!!!

    I love shopping events like that most be the fairytale Princess thing getting to try on lots of outfits, great fun.

    Thank you so much for your support really appreciate it xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am totally in agreement with Justine and Desley! You are va va voom in red, let alone with the winner dress! Girl, I cannot wait to see the pictures!
    I can feel the excitement with the wedding preparation. And of course I’m always interested in chatting with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, I’m blushing with all the compliments. I’m pretty excitable at the best of times so it’s gone up a notch with the wedding preparations. I love having our tea time chats too.


  3. Yay! So happy to hear this! And you look lovely in the outfit pictured so I’m guessing the next one really is wow wow wow!!! I agree customer service is such a lovely thing and hard to find. Really happy for you Debbie xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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