Loyalty – Eclectic Corner #13: Photo

This month’s theme for Justine’s Eclectic Corner #13 is loyality.

I think of loyal friends, loyal pets, being loyal to one’s country and being true-blue.  The loyalty of my family, friends and work colleagues are important to me.

My photo for this week is the Australian flag on a stormy, cloudy sort of day! I love being an Australian (most of the time) and it was the first thing, apart from my family, that I thought of using for this post.

What about you – what does loyalty mean to you?


What is Eclectic Corner?

I love Eclectic Corner
I love Eclectic Corner

Briefly it is a word themed event spanning a month.

  • The first 3 weeks of the month will consist of weekly differing category relating to that word.
  • They are posted each Tuesday.
  • Feel free to pop over and see some of the entries from amazing bloggers! Eclectic Corner

Deb 🙂

9 Replies to “Loyalty – Eclectic Corner #13: Photo”

  1. That’s great you know that something instantly popped to mind and being loyal for your country is a very passionate one. thank you as always for joining in, i hope you had a few thoughtful moments after posting this lovely photo 🙂 x

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    1. I agree with you Tom, it just ‘is’ is a great way of saying what loyalty means. Thanks for the comment on the dramatic sky, it made it a far more interesting photo than just boring blue sky. 😀


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