Loyalty – Eclectic Corner #13: Quote

The theme for this month’s Eclectic Corner #13 is loyalty and we’re up to week 3 which means we get to share a quote related in some way to the theme.

My photo for this week is the iconic Uluru from my recent trip to the outback. As I used a photo of the Australian flag last time I thought I’d stick with the Australian theme and share this photo with you. I love being an Australian (most of the time) and I think this quote is very relevant. I think it sits quite well with my photo too but maybe I’m just a bit biased 🙂


I entered my photo of loyalty in week 1 – you can click here if you missed it. As I was away in week 2 I missed doing a written piece – sorry Justine!

What are your thoughts on loyalty?  Does this quote apply to wherever you are as well??

Thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts Justine. Be sure to check out the other entries!

I love Eclectic Corner

I love Eclectic Corner

Deb 🙂

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  1. Hah I think that a very apt quote indeed, especially the latter bit, and thank you for putting in a lovely photograph too! 😀 big hugs and thank you for being such a great participator. Sorry not many others around, I am guessing they are all away on Summer hols! ❤ xx

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  2. Another gorgeous shot. And what a cool quote!

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  3. A great quote in any country I think Deb. a gorgeous capture as well of the beautiful Uluru.

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  4. Good quote, that makes perfect sense. At least in Australia we change the government at election time.

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