Every day is an adventure – 53/365

Now that was an adventure!

Sydney Harbour bridge climb
Sydney Harbour bridge climb

An adventure from a while ago I’ll admit, but oh what an adventure it was!  If you know anything about me (It’s all about me) I hate heights,  edges and being out of control basically. Can you see me gripping onto the rail in  front of me despite being connected, I wasn’t letting go for anything!

This post tells it all: I hate edges…..

So to actually agree to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a big deal for me. The day we did it was the wettest day in history (maybe that’s a slight exaggeration) but it was very wet.  I was very worried but it all went swimmingly well.    We had given our Rotary Exchange Student from Sweden (2nd from right) the climb as a farewell present and he loved it. The view over the city was better than I expected given the weather and the gear they dress you in is great.

I’d even go as far to say that I’d do it all again…and that’s saying something for me!

My daily photo project is progressing nicely and I invite you to stop by and check out all my posts in one place by clicking this link Every day photo project .

Every day is an adventure, no matter how mundane the day may be!

Deb 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It was a group gift so I can’t take all the credit 🙂 We just happened to volunteer to take him along and do the climb with him. It was a great day.


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