Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #6

This week’s Photo Rehab Cover Makeover, (a fun challenge from my blogging friends Lucile and Desleyjane) is a book called The House We Grew Up In, by Lisa Jewell.

I haven’t read this book but we’ve been given this info and it sounds quite delightful:  Told in gorgeous, insightful prose that delves deeply into the hearts and minds of its characters, The House We Grew Up In is the captivating story of one family’s desire to restore long-forgotten peace and to unearth the many secrets hidden within the nooks and crannies of home.

I chose this photo, looking out from inside my glass house on a rainy day, as it has a ‘house’ feel with the doors and pitched roof. I like the black and white image with the rain drops which gives it a bit of atmosphere.  It just appeals to me for this challenge for some reason.  What do you think?


In this challenge we are given the name of a book, movie or album every Thursday and shown the original cover.  We are then invited to share our take by making a new cover, using either an archive photo or shooting a new one to go with the theme. It’s great fun!

As always, I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with for this week’s challenge.


Deb 🙂

7 Replies to “Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #6”

    1. Thank you for being so kind! I love my glasshouse but at the moment it’s a tad cool out there. It seemed appropriate for your challenge. Thanks to you and Lucile for the opportunity to join in.

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