OWPC – Snow and flip flops!

The subject of snow is quite timely for me – just last week we had snow falling in our neck of the woods (see Day 60 and Day 61) and this week I’m up north visiting my parents and the sun is warm and the temperatures are almost tropical. What a difference a week makes.  I hear on the grapevine that it’s freezing cold at home again with a top temperature forecast of 7 degrees celcius.  Needless to say, I’m thinking of extending my stay!

Living in Australia, snow can be quite a rare event for most of us.  I’m lucky that where I live we can usually rely on one or two dumps of snow each year. Most people don’t imagine Australia having snow at all – but I can assure you that we do!

I love snow shots and this is one of my favourites from last year when my daughter popped home from England for a family gathering.  We stopped at a local beauty spot where the snow was still lying on the ground, but my daughter only had her thongs on her feet (flip flops).  It was an incongruous sight to say the least.

Not quite appropriate footwear for snowThis is the Sugar Pine walk with snow and shadows – beautiful!

Sugar Pine walkThis was my back paddock just last week – what a bleak day it was, but oh so pretty!

Paddock in snowThis is my Deb’s World blog written in the snow on our verandah

SnowFirewood covered in snow

Snow on logsPlants under snow

plant in snowWhat a great looking day!

FrontSo there you go – my SNOW post for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge.

Hope you enjoyed a look see at some Aussie snow photos.

Deb 🙂

17 Replies to “OWPC – Snow and flip flops!”

    1. I know Annie! She was a bit cold but wouldn’t admit it. I have to be careful when mentioning ‘thongs’ because of what that means in other places!! I’ve been caught out before with that one.

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    1. I know that many people don’t think of snow here in Australia and I know it’s not a lot by some standards but hey, snow is snow! It helps that we live near the Snowy Mountains (in NSW) and there are ski resorts about an hours drive away. Glad to enlighten you 🙂


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