This was a good day!

One perfect day!

This is my example of a ‘good’ day.  I must admit that I found this week’s photo challenge relatively easy compared to last week’s challenge.

As per the instructions this week, I have created a mesh gallery of a great day out. I was visiting my parents for a week and we enjoyed some lovely times together in the sunny warmth of what they call ‘winter’, but compared to where I live, could only be described as ‘almost’ summer.

For this week’s photo challenge, select and share a series of photographs. You can piece together what you consider an ideal day, recount a memorable day, tell a (visual) story, or show us some of your favorite things.

This particular day we saw whales off the coast, surfers surfing, gorgeous sparkling water, cloudless blue skies, had a delicious morning tea, visited a rainforest and witnessed a spectacular stormy sunset over one of my favourite mountains. It really was a great day.

I hope you enjoy my first mesh gallery, you just need to swipe to see the gallery of photos.

Deb 🙂

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