MOB update #2 – to spray tan or not to spray tan?

Update #2 from Mother of the Bride (aka MOB)

My daughter, B2B, informed me a few weeks ago that the big day was less than 100 days away.  It’s now way less than that.  Cue excitement levels rising!!

I can’t believe that time is flying by so fast.  She appears organised, so I’m feeling quite relaxed about it all too.  B2B and G2B are currently in the UK as they attended his sister’s wedding and they plan to catch up with many friends and relatives while there. I have an inkling that her English friends are planning a Hen’s do for her as well, which is lovely.  G2B is spending time with his mates while he has them all together.

I look forward to seeing photos of them with daughter #1 when they catch up with her too. Living in the UK, our eldest daughter, M, tends to miss out on spending time with family, so I’m always happy to see them get together. Daughter #3 is a long way away too, being interstate, but she’s available to help out as required – pretty soon we’ll have all 3 girls home together for the wedding!

Daughter #2, the B2B, is also due to finish her Masters degree, just days before the wedding. I think that’s cutting it a bit fine, especially with her trip away, her full time work and everything else that she does.  But she assures me that she can do it and if anyone can, she can!!

So what’s been happening? – following on from my earlier posts I can confirm that I found IT – my MOB dress is hanging in the wardrobe as we speak and I’m thrilled to bits with it.  It was well worth the effort and the end result is a bit unusual for me, as it wasn’t what I was expecting to buy at all. I have also found THE SHOES and am very happy with their simple elegance and that they aren’t too high!

My husband, FOB, is cool, calm and collected and doesn’t really know what all the fuss is about!  I must make note that he’s been very busy in the garden, just so that it looks ‘nice’ for when everyone comes.  Even I have been out planting little pretty things today, so he must be rubbing off on me!

I’ve met two of the beautiful bridesmaids before and they will be coming down for makeup trials in a few week’s time, so I look forward to catching up with them.  The other bridesmaid is in England so I can’t wait to meet her too. They’ve been very supportive of B2B and for that I’m glad as we are all very new to this malarky!

You can read my post here if you missed it – I’ve found IT, and my other posts on this exciting event are listed too:

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My original list of things to do went something like this and I have updated my progress below each point:

  1. Grow my hair
    • I am happy to let you know that my hair is still growing but there have been moments when I’ve wanted to cut it all off!  I didn’t realise how short it was before because it’s still not very long. I just have to work out how I want it to look now. I’m down to two more appointments prior to the wedding and don’t have any real style in mind.  I think I like it longer but at other times I like it better when it’s short. Woe is me!
  2. Grow my fingernails
    • My fingernails are a work in progress.  While it’s true that I’m not chewing my nails anymore, they are suffering by splitting and breaking off and then I have to start all over again. It is very frustrating.
  3. Get fit and lose some weight
    • I’m definitely getting fit with gym 3 mornings a week at 6.30am – do you know how hard it is to get up and go out at that time when it’s freezing cold and pitch black outside?? But I’m doing it and other classes during the week but y running which has suffered after an initial burst from the blocks. Disaster befell me recently when I strained my calf muscle and I have had to rest from running (or even serious walking for that matter) for the past two weeks.  I’m not losing any weight 😦
  4. Find a dress, shoes and accessories that are in keeping with my role as MOB
    • Tick off the dress and shoes from this list 🙂
    • I thought I might have a spray tan for the wedding and my daughter (and G2B) looked at me as if I’d said I was having my nipples pierced for the big day.  I haven’t ever had a spray tan before and thought it might be nice but what are your thoughts?  I am lucky in that I am of a dark complexion but am thinking that I will maybe have a practice run first to see how it looks.  As much as I like orange I don’t want to be orange.
  5. Help out with any decisions (if asked)
    • I offered to take over updating the wedding website and my offer was graciously accepted.  I have since had a lovely time updating events, travel directions, venues, things to do, photos and stories to the extent that everyone is happy with my efforts, so I am a very happy MOB. I have also helped out with many other tasks such as the invitations (which have now been sent out).
    • There are so many other little things that can’t be done until closer to the actual day and they are worrying me a bit.  I keep thinking of things to do but can’t actually do them yet. I have booked my leave from work for two weeks, so I am at least semi-organised.
  6. Learn to dance
    • Dancing lessons had paused for a bit as our instructors have had a few issues to deal with – such as moving house and retiring from work.  I think you’ll agree that these take precedence over teaching us to dance. We have had a few practice dances on our own and have just this week recommenced our lessons.  Now that I have my shoes I can practice in them so that I will be more confident. We do need music to dance to so if anyone has any ideas please let me know – we are planning a little waltz but my daughter has no such plans apparently!

So my MOB journey continues….stay tuned for more updates!  Any tips or hints please free to leave me a comment, especially in regards to the vexatious spray tan issue.

Deb 🙂

Glossary of terms:

MOB – Mother of the Bride

FOB – Father of the Bride

B2B –  Bride to be

G2B – Groom to be

SOB – Sisters of the Bride (not to be confused with other meanings of this acronym)

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7 Replies to “MOB update #2 – to spray tan or not to spray tan?”

  1. Exciting!!!!!!! As for spray tans, being the expert of one spray tan… I strongly recommend trialling it. I had my legs done and in less than 24 hours they resembled an old cracked painting or a rather dirty looking mosaic. I use fake tan (a cream one) on my legs because otherwise I look like a top deck block of chocolate: reasonably tanned on the arms and showers (aka runner’s tan) but white legs. The other option is to get some of those bronzer beads – they give a nice glow.


  2. Wow Debbie, I am married but forgot how much work it involves before the D day arrives, even when one goes for a small event like I did.
    Thanks for the glossary!!i was lost at the beginning but grasped fast what it could be!
    I’m now curious about your dress and have a hunch about the color! 😉
    I’m sorry to hear you had a calf injury! Hope you’re well.
    I’m no expert in spray tan and guess you should try before the wedding to avoid any mishap.
    How exciting! I’m happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are a smart cookie 😊 and thanks for the advice on spray tan issue, that’s what I’m thinking too. Am starting to get excited, just in case you couldn’t tell so stay tuned. Glad the glossary helped! Thanks again for the lovely comment. 😊


  3. Hi Deb, in relation to a spray tan, many tans these days have green as the base not orange, so if you ask for one of these you won’t go orange. Have a trial run – and if you do, get an all over tan. And I mean “all over”. Be brave!! Make sure the tanning person rubs cream onto your knees and elbows (it helps stop the cracking and discolouration on these potentially drier areas) and make sure they do between your fingers.

    In terms of dancing, it’s great that you’re learning to dance and learning some traditional dances, but my recommendation is that you and Grant get comfortable dancing together and feeling free to just move to the music without being quite so self-conscious. So, in your great big lounge room put some music on loud and just fling yourselves about in ways that will (eventually) feel more natural and look less like you’re just flinging yourselves about and more like dancing.

    My advice … for what it’s worth.


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