Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge has Nature as the theme for this week.

I’ve been taking lots of photos of nature lately, flowers, landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, skies  – it is such a great subject! My Every day photo project features lots of these photos as they inspire me so much.

Magnolia bud

It’s also helped by the fact that I love recording the changing seasons in the garden and the sky and the area where I live.  It’s coming into spring here at the moment and the colours and new life are beautiful to witness, it’s like we’ve all woken up after the long dark winter! My husband says I like to photograph the garden much more than I like to actually do any work in it!

I’ve used one of my pictures of a magnolia bud as my tree is about to explode with flowers, it’s always such a delight to see it. I used my iPhone 5 and tried to get right over the bud looking down onto it.

This next shot is under the tree looking up though the buds.

Looking up

I’d love to hear what you think.

Deb 🙂

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