Weekly photo challenge: Be careful of my heart!


Be careful where you tread!

Michelle W asks us to show something careful for this week’s photo challenge….

This week, show us something careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.

I was out for an early morning walk while at a Rotary conference over the weekend and took this photo of a heart shaped rock on the ground.  I remember thinking at the time ‘be careful, don’t tread on my heart’.  I didn’t know about this week’s prompt until later in the day so when I saw what it was, I thought that it was very appropriate to use this photo!

My roommate was amazed at my ‘romantic’ take on this challenge as she was thinking more along the lines of being careful in case of an accident.  I have hearts on the brain lately as my daughter is getting married in less than two week’s time. I seem to be in a heightened state of awareness, seeing them in everything.  Even last week’s photo challenge involved a heart in a piece of wood!

It’s always interesting to see how others interpret these prompts.

Deb 🙂

13 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Be careful of my heart!”

  1. I didn’t realize that the big day is drawing nearer. Very exciting! And you’re indeed attracting hearts from all over the world!
    Gorgeous shot and the background story is great too.
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing photos too!

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