Life at 28 years of age…mother & daughter compare notes

I wrote this post 2 years ago and I am re-posting it now as my daughter is about to get married this weekend.
In this story I wrote about the differences between our lives at the same age and I did the same for my other 2 daughters as well. We have lived very different lives and that’s as it should be. It’s nice to reflect on what she has achieved and I am very excited about her impending wedding to Ben.  She has completed her Masters as well as organise her wedding both happening at the same time!

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Sarah at 28 Sarah at 28

I was lucky to have Sarah, my 28 year old daughter, visit for the weekend and while she was here I read a story in the paper titled ‘Like mother, like daughter? Three women compare their life with that of their mum at the same age’.

I decided to do a similar story with Sarah and I will do one with each of my other 2 daughters when I next see them.

Sarah & I talked about the many differences in our lives at this age.  The main one being that at 28 I was the mother of 3 daughters under 5 years of age, having just given birth to Eliza our final child that year.  Grant & I had been married for nearly 9 years and were buying our own little house in Newcastle.  Sarah on the other hand is enjoying life with her partner, Ben, with neither a wedding nor a baby in sight.  In her…

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  1. A lovely post and interesting to note the comparisons and turning points in life. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Deb, our lives seems almost identical so there’s plenty I can relate to. My daughters and I have often commented on our different lives, but I’ve never thought to compare them. Thank you for the insight and I think your daughters are as they are because of you. So, take a bow for a job well done !

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