Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and white

black and white solar light

I used this photo in a recent Mundane Monday challenge. It’s a photo of a solar light in the garden, taken from above.  In the original the yellow stands out and now in black and white it looks completely different.

solar light

I decided to play around with the photo and ended up transforming it into black and white for this week’s  Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.

What do you think – do you like the colour or black and white version?

Deb 🙂

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  1. So hard to choose! I love the contrast in both, they’re both beautiful. But I’m drawn to the b&w, but that’s probably because I’m obsessed with it 😉

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  2. Black and white because the colour one reminds me of warmth and I don’t have any right now!!!

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  3. i love the black and white. I was really struck by the color version when you posted it, but the b&w takes it to a whole new level

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  4. Debbie, the conversion makes all the difference in the image. It gives it a dramatic and even otherworldly appearance. Nicely done. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  5. As often is the case with color vs. B&W, they’re so different that I find it difficult to say I like one better than the other. It may all depend on my frame of mind on a given day. 🙂 They’re both intriguing and cool.


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