Starting again

Yay!!! I have been given the all clear by the physio and can now start running again.

You may recall that I was doing well with my running until a calf injury stopped me literally in my tracks a few months ago.  I have done everything I can to rest and recuperate and I think it has paid off.  I aim to start slowly and so far on my few ‘getting back into it jogs’ I haven’t had any soreness.  I’m feeling good!  I know I have to take it slowly and i will don’t worry.

This was my last post where I lamented the fact that I still couldn’t run  – This girl still can’t run.

This is a picture of my running track on a lovely sunny afternoon.  It was quite warm still and the flies were merciless.  Summer is well and truly on the way!


The good news is that I’ve been maintaining my fitness with walks, riding my bike and the gym.  My Fitbit Charge HR has become my new best friend 🙂

Fit bit

I’m back!!!!

Deb 🙂


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  1. Great to have you back in the game. Keep the fun in it.

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  2. Thats brilliant. I know what it’s like to be injured and unable to run. Great that you are back on it. Enjoy your warm sunny runs – think of me on my UK winter runs

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  3. Good job! I love my fitbit too even tho I’m only walking. Winter is coming here. Better running in some ways. Cooler.

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  4. Great news. I hope you will enjoy picking up the pace outdoors. x

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  5. Glad you are recovered! Run like the wind!

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  6. Good news! Take care and welcome back to running x

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