I just needed to crunch some leaves

I had a lovely run tonight and crunched some leaves. I really think I needed to get out there and crunch some bark and leaves to feel better.  Do you know what I mean? (I explain my love of crunching leaves in my It’s all about me section).

It wasn’t a long run but it was enough.  I also had these kangaroos join me so what more could I ask for?

I’ve been feeling tired lately and even wrote a list of things that I’m tired of – before I share my list I will point out that I’m feeling much better now so there’s no need to worry about me!


I’m tired of trying to be good with what I eat and how I exercise with no noticeable return.

I’m tired of going to work each day and doing the same thing of trying to be flexible, supportive and inclusive but not getting much back from some people (I must say that my immediate staff are amazing and I’d be lost without them).

I’m tired of trying to get back into running the way I was before my calf injury – it’s hard work starting again.

I’m tired of trying to keep up with everything and everyone.

I’m tired of hearing about stupid celebrities in the news and what they name their child and not hearing enough about real people.  The ones who are doing things to make the world a better place by inventing things, research, medical breakthroughs, teachers, nurses – these should be the real news makers.

Am I simply burnt out, in need of a break?  Is it just the end of the year, the weather, my 55th birthday coming up on the weekend or is it just me?

Maybe I just needed to go for a run tonight and step on every crunchy leaf and piece of bark to make me feel better.

Whatever it was I feel more like myself after a good talking to, a run, some crunchy leaves and this outlook in my back paddock.  How lucky am I?

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Welcome back from your run. It’s great that you got that in/out of your system. Have a good rest and enjoy the weekend.

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  2. Hi Debbie. I know what you mean. Especially the bit about celebrities. This annoys me so much-they are just people after all. We have no crunchy anything here at the moment though. Things are just a bit wet and soggy and leaves are brown mush on the side of the road and pavements! Lucky you-and good to hear you are back on the running😀

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  3. So much of this could be me. Except the kangaroos. I too have been trying to be good with what I eat and exercise more, with only 10 pounds change, am now stuck again. I was horribly tired of going to work every day and doing the same thing for no apparent purpose, and luckily I was able to retire. I am trying to get back to running after a foot injury, you are right it is terribly hard to do. And keeping up with everyone is exhausting. The celebrities? Some of them are doing something to make the world better, but many are just using up space and my time. So I could have written your post…but I didn’t. I’m glad you DID! And I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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    • Thanks for your comment Dawn. I don’t whinge and whine very often but sometimes I just have to say it and then I feel better. I have people tell me I don’t need to lose any weight. I have so much going on in my life, I am so busy and get so tired doing everything it is exhausting! Thanks for understanding. I’m glad I write this post – for both of us!! Keep going with your exercise, I’m told that it does get easier. 😊


  4. Hey Deb, sounds like it was a very therapeutic run, there’s nothing like being amongst nature and wildlife to ease the worries and the mind. Keep crunching, keep smiling!

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  5. This photo is just wonderful. And I’m glad it cleared your head. I totally get what you mean – being tired of all those things, you are certainly not alone. Part of it is probably the season – there’s so much coming up, so much to do, plus there’s that elusive light of “time off” in the distance and we just want to get there. Hopefully this next week of work passes quickly. Any plans for your birthday?


  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better after the run Debbie. I completely understand that list (hugs). Lovely photo to by the way. Hang in there x

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  7. The photo is wonderful, and I can imagine that to be a perfect scenery to unwind and distress. Glad you did it.

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