iPhriday sunset


While driving home from a Rotary meting in an another town last night I had this most gorgeous sunset keeping me company.  It seemed to be so big and endless that I had to find a place to pull off the road so that I could capture it. I haven’t used any filters on it as nothing is needed to enhance it.

It helped that where I stopped was a recently logged pine forest so the whole vista was open and I had an uninterrupted view. I stood mesmerised as the last of the sun’s rays dropped down over the horizon.

My iPhone has done a pretty good job of picking up the colours hugeness of it and I think the fuzziness of the sky is an interesting feature, so I thought I’d share it with you. I know it’s probably not the best photo technically speaking but it really appeals to me!

Lisa from GrayDaysandCoffee started iPhriday where she shares photos taken with her mobile phone, on a Friday, rather than using her usual fancy photography gear.

Lisa says: Earlier last year, I decided try and have more of a photographer’s eye–to try and “see” photographs in every situation.  Using my phone camera more often has been an obvious way to improve that “vision.”  It’s also nice to put the heavy duty cameras away and just enjoy the ease and flexibility of my iPhone once in a while. So, iPhriday is the day to showcase pics from our phones.  Join me in sharing your phone shots!  

I like the idea of posting a photo every Friday and seeing what others are sharing too.  I am always trying to capture what I “see” when I’m out and about so I really get what Lisa is doing and I’m happy to join in!

You can see my previous iPhriday posts by clicking this link – iPhriday posts.

The weekend is here again – my last days of holidays before work resumes 😦

Deb 🙂

9 Replies to “iPhriday sunset”

  1. Lovely Debbie. I love taking pics of the sky too. I think it would’ve looked even more spectacular if you had moved the camera up a little so the black land section was only taking up a little of the bottom. Then you would’ve had the orange sky with blue above it. (Sorry I live with a house full of photographers!!). Funny. I keep getting your posts just as I am dropping off to sleep (it’s 00.42 here), but I only hear the phone vibrate if I haven’t gone into a deep sleep yet…. Then I am tempted to read and stay awake even longer!!😀


  2. Wonderful shot and post. I’m glad you pulled over to take the shot hee hee! I hope the next few days are enjoyable and give you the “oomph” you need to head back to work on Monday.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked my post. It’s been a lovely relaxing restful time and a chance to unwind before resuming work and life on the merry-go-round of life. I LOVE holidays 😊


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