What do you do with your photos?

What you do with the photos you take?   I hope that’s not too personal a question!

This year I decided to make a photo book of all my Instagram photos taken throughout 2015.

We use Blurb books to make our photo travel holiday books and we love having them to show friends and relatives.  I have also made birthday photo books and major celebration books and I love the results. It’s something that you have to prepare for and have an idea in your head of what you want to produce but once you’ve  got everything ready it’s not that difficult a process.

I found it was very easy to make a small square hardcover book using the Blurb Bookify online  program and decided to make a book from all my Instagram photos from throughout the year. It automatically uploaded the photos from Instagram and easy-peasy book done! I then put them into the order that I wanted, from the last post of 2015 through to the first, chose a cover layout and colour (orange of course).

It cost me a few dollars but if I wanted to print the photos out on nice quality paper that would have cost too. Within a week or so of completing it, I had the book in my hot little hands!

I know all my photos are on my phone or in the cloud somewhere but it’s so nice to have an actual hard copy too.


So what do you do with your photos? Something similar?

Deb 🙂


12 Replies to “What do you do with your photos?”

  1. That’s such a great idea Debbie. I used to make a calendar for my mum with photos of my kids on every month. I did it for about ten years so she could see the changes. I still do the occasional photo album if it’s a big trip and occasionally I’ll enlarge my photos and frame them. Then the ultimate buzz is when I send them to an editor and they accept them with a travel story. I still get so excited when one of my travel stories and photos gets published.

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    1. That sounds great Miriam, you should be very proud when they get published. I’ve never tried that but it sounds good. I get a buzz when our books arrive after putting so much effort into producing them. Well done you! Thanks for letting me know what you do, it’s always so interesting to hear what other people do with their pics.

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      1. My pleasure Debbie, it’s good to share and I agree, it’s nice to know what others do with their photos. After all, we take so many don’t we? Digital photography has made things so different and so much easier.

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  2. I store them on Flickr in private albums or in my iCloud account for the time being. I have only started sharing photos in the past year so I am still new to the idea. Some are just snapshots of my daily life and I don’t find them interesting enough to share. I love taking photos but don’t like sharing. I love the photo book idea, though. I want to try something like that but with headshots with a film camera someday. xo

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  3. I’ve been contemplating this recently for both my photographs and poems. You’re spot on when you say “I know all my photos are on my phone or in the cloud somewhere but it’s so nice to have an actual hard copy too.” Thanks for a little more inspirational push to get me to follow through on the contemplation.

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  4. Great idea! I don’t copy off my phone pics, but I should. It’s nice to have a hard copy of our pics. I’m REALLY far behind, so this post is a good reminder to get in gear. I like sitting and looking through my photo albums.

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