Battery levels low

Battery levels low – mine and my accessories

In an effort to maintain my svelte and youthful figure (who am I trying to kid?) I now get up at the crack of dawn most days to head out for a walk, a run or to ride my bike to the local gym for a training session. I don’t think it’s helping much but I am committed regardless.

I’m also involved in a Fitbit challenge which aims to make me feel guilty if I haven’t done at least my 10000 steps each day, not to mention demoralised when I see all these other people who can manage 30000+ steps in a ridiculously short space of time.  For me, sitting at a desk all day every day isn’t conducive to accruing too many steps, so an early morning walk, run or gym session as well as an evening walk are the only ways I can manage it.  I’m also obviously more competitive than I thought – mainly with myself though!

I feel good once I’m out there but of a morning it’s a case of one voice in my head telling to get up and get moving and another lazy voice in my head telling me I deserve to stay snuggled up under the covers and to give it a miss today.  I had a fight with myself this morning but ended up going out for a brisk walk and, as usual, enjoyed myself immensely.  The thinking time, the freshness at the start of the day, the feeling of moving my body and the ability to sing along to my music, very loudly if I want to, knowing that no-one can hear me – all adds up to a fun 45 minutes of time well spent plus over 4000 steps if I’m lucky. I walk up hills, down gravel tracks, through the bush and pine forests and rarely see a soul.

A bemused kangaroo watching me on my walk

Recently when I had all my daughters and their partners together, I started a Family Favourites playlist on Spotify.  Everyone got a say in what music was included in the playlist and so when I’m out walking I can be listening to Kenny Rogers one minute (thanks Craig), Passenger (thanks Sarah), Hilltop Hoods (thanks Eliza), Florence and the Machines (thanks Melanie), the Moped song (thanks Shawn), the Eagles or America (thanks to my husband) and Paolo Nutini (thanks Ben).  We are an eclectic lot to say the least.  We cover their teenage favourites (think Hansen, Spice girls, Back Street Boys) to the latest from Adele or Ed Shearin and classics from Bob Dylan and Abba.  It makes for a thoroughly fun time when I never know what song is coming up next.  If I’m walking (and not running) I sing along very badly and very loudly.  I’m in the middle of the bush so no-one can hear me except the kangaroos and birds and they give me a wide berth!

But this morning it was nearly catastrophic as my wireless headphones gave me the message, only half way through my walk, that the battery level was low.  My fitbit also decided that its battery was running low and so I found myself working against the clock to get my walk done before they all gave up the ghost. It was bad enough that my battery levels were low but to have my accessories start fading as well was too much!

Some people enjoy the quiet when they walk, as I do at times, but when I’ve had to fight myself to get up and get going then I need good music to keep me going.  I tend to daydream more, lose myself and subsequently not notice the effort required when I’m belting out a song. Do you like peace and quiet or music blaring when you’re out there?

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I made it back with everything still working and managed to get ready for work having had a lovely start to the day – and 5576 steps towards my daily goal of 10000! I’ve since read that 10000 steps just doesn’t cut it, I need to be doing more like 15-20000 steps to make a difference!  Give me a break……. 🙂

If you often have days when your battery levels are low, do you just push yourself or do you give in and rest up?   Also do you get caught up in similar challenges and wonder why you do it to yourself….or am I the only one?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


18 Replies to “Battery levels low”

  1. You’re definitely not the only one Deb. Most days I struggle to get out of bed but once I’m up I like to get out and get moving. Tomorrow my Zumba lessons start back for the year which I’m looking forward to. Walking Harry is my daily exercise and although I like peace and quiet when I’m walking him once I’m home I have the music up nice and loud. Great way to get motivated around the house. Really enjoyed your post.

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  2. Well! 10,000 is not enough????? Who is making these rules? LOL. I struggle to get 10,000 each day. If I don’t go for a walk of 3 miles or so I won’t make it to 10,000 in a day. I did participate in a challenge from friends in what used to be my running group to walk at least 1 mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years..and that helped a lot. But it was hard to do it Now that THAT’S past the group is thinking about meeting for a 5K (some will do the 1/2 marathon) race in April. I haven’t run since..oh a lot of years ago…and I wonder if I can get ready to run a 5k by mid April. If I start now maybe part run/part walk. We will see. I need to try a little run to see what hurts. I have to have no music in my ears when I’m out there. Don’t know why. Just like it that way better. But I can understand people that use the music to motivate them. Your playlist sounds great!

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    1. That sounds like a great plan Dawn. Walking and running is a good way to do 5kms and I still do it (as I recover from my calf injury). I’m glad to know that you are one of those who don’t need music to help motivate them but it’s nice to know you like the sound of my playlist! Nice to hear from you 🙂


  3. Ive done 15,747 steps today (well yesterday as its well past midnight now). Sorry!! Haha!
    I have recently gone back to listening to music with my running, but I now have bluetooth speakers in a nice warm beanie. Its great because although I can hear the music really well, i can also hear any traffic that may be creeping up behind me!! I also get frustrated and annoyed if I have failed to charge one of my gadgets!! Keep up the 10k steps thats got to be good for you i don’t care what anyone says! I know what you mean about mornings and talking yourself into getting up – its so lovely to snuggle down and go back to sleep – right where I’m headed now:-)

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    1. I also have Bluetooth headphones and I love them. The beanie idea sounds good but maybe not for us at the moment 🙂 If I am out in a busy place (not the forest) I can hear the traffic as you say. I’m glad I’m not alone in the frustration that charging gadgets brings out in us. I love hearing from you that we have similar issues despite being on opposite sides of the world 🙂

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      1. Singing along together! Ah! Wonderful! 🙂
        I guess the hardest part is getting out of bed 😛 Sometimes I go to sleep in the clothes I am supposed to wear for the walk so that all I have to do is roll out of bed 😀

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  4. Oh the love / hate relationship with our Fitbits. I’m a new convert and posting about it tomorrow. Some days I need music to get me motivated, it depends on where I walk. A peaceful walk in nature suits me a lot of the time. Keep going with your 10k target.

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