Warning: this post is about the closest I’ll ever get to writing something political.

Paint the town orange someone said – so we did.

Orange streamers, ribbons and signs adorn every signpost and fence – orange being the colour of harmony.

Get a celebrity on board to help get the message out there someone suggested – so we did.

Watch this comedian put his own spin on our cause.

A clever bloke reworked an old poem about our town, another talented bloke read it and another creative person put some photos with it to entertain and inform. Enjoy some great Aussie bush poetry by clicking this link.


Someone suggested we put up posters and signs everywhere to show our support and to let visiting politicians and media know how we feel – Save our Shire – so we did!

Start a Facebook page, website and Twitter account to get support and keep everyone informed someone said – so we did:




Write submissions, send emails and let the politicians know what we are thinking – we started an advisory service with volunteers to offer support and help with writing down people’s thoughts and posted them off to he relevant politicians.

Why have we gone to all this trouble?  Our shire is trying to stave off an amalgamation being forced upon us by the State Government and due to lots of reasons we don’t want to merge with anyone. We are more than capable of running our own council and there are no benefits to be gained from an amalgamation despite what the politicians are trying to tell us, using our tax payer dollars in expensive advertisements.

We are a small, rural and relatively isolated town but we are really punching above our weight with all this community action.

What else have we done?  We’ve united our Shire.

We won’t go down without trying everything we can to keep our Shire as a stand alone council.

Wish us well for our future! Let me know what you think of the various media I’ve included in my post – I realise that some may not get the Aussie humour but hopefully you’ll get the drift!


PS. I wrote a post a few week’s ago about the optimism in my town – The Hills are alive with Optimism – and nothing has changed.  I also wrote a post some time ago, about the John O’Grady poem the Integrated AdjectiveTumba-bloody-Rumba shooting Kanga-bloody-Roos which you may enjoy.

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17 Replies to “Tumba-bloody-Rumba”

  1. Hi Debbie, love the ocker poetry and the videos and I really hope all your efforts pay off. I’ve traveled through Tumba country and know how beautiful it is. You sound like a positive and determined township of people that don’t give up easily, good for you. I wish you all the very best.

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  2. Great post Deb! HG and all! 🙂
    Keep the Magic alive at Tumba-bloody-rumba, intergrated adjective and all.

    dont worry about what the politicians say – you already have a rare and special thing – a United Community. keep up the great work and keep it united, despite the amalgamation. 🙂

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