Under storm clouds

Despite it being Autumn here in the land of Oz the temperatures have been extreme, with mid to high 30s all week.  This afternoon a storm came rolling through and I managed to capture the sky above our paddock.

There was the usual thunder and lightening and finally after all the build up, some rain! It’s a beautiful sound to have rain falling on the roof along with the smell of fresh rain and a welcome drop in temperature.

I love the intensity in the clouds and despite their fierce look the storm wasn’t too bad at all.  At least not here anyway!  The weather bureau had issued a storm warning for our area so maybe some other areas weren’t quite as lucky as us.

I am also using this post for Hugh’s Weekly photo challenge Week 15:Under as I was standing under the storm clouds as I took these photos.  I hope that counts!

It’s all quiet out there now with more hot days on the way before summer decides to leave us once and for all.

Hopefully the storm has cleared the air in more ways than one!


14 Replies to “Under storm clouds”

    1. Thanks for that Miriam. We really need rain here too. Everything is getting so dry. I thought it fitted in with the ‘under’ theme. I really liked your post which got me thinking and then the storm came in!!

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      1. Well, I hope it’s a great Autumn for you, Deb.
        Welcome to my weekly photo challenge. I’m sure the other participants will give you a huge welcome. They are a great crowd of bloggers and always amaze me with what they come up with for my challenges.

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