Mundane Monday – can you see a face?

Can you see a face here?


While out for a little walk I saw this rock on the side of the road.  I immediately saw a face in the rock, can you see it?

It’s just a rock, pretty bland and mundane, but interesting in its own way too, and that’s what it’s all about I’ve decided.

Seeing and noticing the little things!

Mundane Monday Challenge is hosted by PhoTrabloggeron a Monday and is ….a challenge created to find beauty in everyday mundane things…capture the beauty and upload the photographs. Feel free to join in!

I hope you enjoy your  Mundane Monday .

Deb 🙂

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  1. ‘Fraid not Deb! It might be a ‘you had to be there’ kind of experience 🙂

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  2. Good spot – I think the face is smiling at you!

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  3. Yes, it’s smiling! Nice take

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  4. Hello from England. Love the comment prompt.

    I can see a nose and left eye, possibly a mouth. We are pattern-forming animals, seeing patterns and particularly faces everywhere. Photography is about finding beauty in anything, however common. I came from the bootcamp.

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  5. Yes, I can see the face in that rock, Deb. One of my photography challenges, a few weeks ago, had the subject of faces that we find in everyday objects. It produced some wonderful results.

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  6. I can see a face here with a rather grim smile. Great photo Debbie, perfect for the theme.

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  7. I can totally see the smile, Deb. I hope you’ve had a great Monday. xo

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  8. Yes , I do!
    A smiling one , to be more precise….

    (Must confess that I tend to see faces everywhere ….. Will there be a motive for this ?)

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  9. Well, sort of, in a Picasso kind of way…

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  10. I can see it clearly, Deb… I’m always seeing faces! Good spot!

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  11. Yes, I also see a face. Good observation. Good entry for MMC.

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  12. Very interesting! I saw the face after squeezing my eyes shut for about 10 seconds and when I opened them, I could see it. Plain as day. I was so tickled with myself for finding it! It’s kind of like a challenge or a game…seeing things in every day objects. Usually I’m the last person to find it, but this time I did myself proud.

    Thanks for sharing your “Mundane Monday” find with us. Pretty cool 🙂

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    • Yes it is a bit hard to see it but I’m glad you finally found it – thanks for persevering!! I like the finding the little everyday things and the beauty that we often miss by not seeing things.


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