Easter Bunny Cake

It’s Easter and Hugh’s photo challenge this week is all about things that are sweet.

 I couldn’t go past this photo (cue flashback) with 2 of my daughters at Easter time many years ago.

Weren’t they sweet?

 I used to make a white rabbit cake every year when they were little. My mother in law started this tradition and I just continued it.

Fast forward to just a week ago to when I took this next photo of one of these same girls with one of the huge inflatable white rabbits at Enlighten in Canberra. There were 5 of these rabbits scattered around the park for Enlighten 2016. I really believe that the world needs a herd of white rabbits to solve all the problems of the world at the moment.

Isn’t she sweet?? And she’s smiling in this photo unlike the first shot 🙂

White rabbit 2

We do seem to have a thing about white rabbits – I even featured one in my Wordless Wednesday post this week!!  It’s interesting that our eldest daughter now has a real rabbit of her own as a pet, but alas, it’s not white!

You might be wondering about the signifciance of the white rabbits – well here is a report from the ABC.

Five giant illuminated inflatable rabbits are hopping into Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle for Enlighten.

One of the most eye-catching installations is Intrude, featuring five seven-metre-high rabbits illuminated by stark white light.

Artist Amanda Parer said rabbits were an animal of contradiction.

“The rabbit for us culturally is a symbol of cute and cuddliness, Easter, and childhood stories,” she said.

“But also, for Australians, it’s an animal of destruction because it’s an introduced feral species.

“In a way they represent our mismanagement of the environment.”

Parer said her piece offered a great opportunity for Enlighten visitors to consider the natural world and their role within it.

“But if they just see them as giant rabbits, that’s OK too,” she said.


I must admit, to me they were just huge white bunnies!

Enjoy your Easter break and have something sweet!


9 Replies to “Sweet!”

  1. Thanks for joining me for this week’s challenge, Debbie. I can only imagine that the white rabbit cake tasted delicious. I’m guessing it was covered in white chocolate, or is that white icing? Whatever, I’ll have a slice please 😀
    Love how your daughter’s umbrella matches her dress. We don’t see many Easter decorations here in the UK, but this year the shops seem to be full of them.Those giant bunnies must look great all lite up at night.
    Happy Easter to you and your family. 🐰

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    1. Thanks Hugh. From memory the cake was always very sweet. My daughter is very stylish these days and doesn’t do grumpy face photos anymore. I’m not a big fan of Easter decorations. 🐰 enjoy the break.

      Liked by 1 person

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