Contemplation – Week 5: what smells?

Hello again!

I’m participating in desleyjane’s blogging challenge Contemplationwhere we share our responses to a prompt from her Kikki.K, A Sentence a Day journal. This week’s prompt is:

What can you smell right now?

Wild orange, citrus bliss, lemon – these are the lovely smells emanating from my diffuser at the moment.  I have taken to using the diffuser as I go to bed and have a nice collection of essential oils to choose from.  I’m not sure if they are helping me, but they smell nice and that’s enough.  I really seem to have a citrus theme happening don’t I?

Wild orange is said to assist with an individual’s natural creative sense, whereas citrus bliss is an aid to restoring motivation and drive.  It can also inspire creativity.  Lemon nourishes the mind and aids concentration.

I just wish you could smell these lovely scents! It’s a much nicer smell than the dead kangaroo that’s out in the paddock I can assure you.


Deb x


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  1. Oh yuk, nothing worse than the smell of a kangaroo carcass. Wild orange and citrus lemon on the other hand are divine smells. How ironic, as I also had my diffuser on tonight, with relaxing Lavender oils.

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  2. LOL, much better than the dead kangaroo. Hahaha! Your diffuser sounds lovely and with all that creative, motivational concentration, I guess you’ll be writing lots of posts!? 😉 Thanks for joining in again x.

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  3. Love my DoTerra oils as well! Enjoy!

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  4. Would like to try,thanks for the prompt!

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