Weekly photo challenge: What happens after dinner?

What are they all queuing for?

As we sat eating our delicious dinner in Sydney’s Chinatown, we watched a never ending queue ebb and flow.  We had no idea what it was everyone was queuing for. Despite moving quite briskly, the queue never seemed to get any shorter.  We were intrigued and after dinner we wandered over to see what was going on. Many other diners and tourists  were in the same boat as us, watching and wondering why everyone was queuing.

What did we see?image

We saw a small window next to a bakery selling cream puffs. Yes, cream puffs!  But not just any cream puffs, these were Emperor’s Puffs, cooked fresh at the window while you waited.  Everyone seemed happy with their purchases, so not knowing what to expect, we scrounged together $3 for 11 cream puffs, and my daughter joined the queue.  That’s her in the photo being served at the window.

Apparently the queue for the cream puffs is constant from 12 pm till 9 pm (their opening hours). They were selling at a fast pace so obviously there’s a good market for cream puffs.

Cream puff anyone?

She returned to us with a small white paper bag bag chock-full of hot baked little choux pastry balls.  We were rendered speechless when we each put one in our mouth and carefully bit into it.  The gooey custard in the middle of the ball was very warm and very yummy!!  We ate most of the balls by the time we walked back to our accommodation! They were that good.

Our recommendation?

My daughter did a google search and found a site that stated that no trip to Chinatown was complete without stopping off for some Emperor’s Cream Puffs and we agree wholeheartedly. I think they are best eaten warm and fresh and from now on I will be in that queue whenever I’m in the area. I would describe them as custard puffs rather than cream puffs, but only if I’m being very picky.

So in answer to my original question – dessert is what happens after dinnertime!

This week’s photo challenge is all about dinnertime.

This week, share an image inspired by dinnertime — whether you take a photo of food or simply shoot during the evening hours is up to you!

What did I learn this week?

  1. I learnt this week that I don’t take many photos of food –  I had to really think about how to respond to this prompt.  I used a pretty bland photo of the sign at the window and edited it using the Pixlr app, just to make it a bit more interesting!
  2. I also learnt that I’ve been missing out all these years by not knowing anything about Emperor’s Puffs!  They have their own Facebook page and if you do an internet search there are many results that come up with very similar things to what we encountered.
  3. Cream puffs are delicious and not at all fattening (I just made that one up)!

Have you been to Chinatown (or elsewhere) and tried Emperor’s Puffs?

Deb x



14 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: What happens after dinner?”

    1. Thanks for the comment on my photo Desley. I’m pleased with the result as it’s a bit out there and makes it far more interesting than the original.
      You must try the puffs next time you are in Chinatown. Melbourne’s bound to have something similar. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lol Deb I smiled to myself as you commented about not photographing food! such a thing would never have crossed my mind until I lived in China. The nations obsession mixed with digital technologies makes photographing food at every banquet of dinner obligatory! i used to find it amusing, and now I take hints from my daughter about how to take the best food shot!!!

    I’d been pondering what to post for this weeks photo challenge, apart from endless food photos ( told you I got the bug) but now that gives me an idea! Stay tuned! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have never really got into the food photo craze but I know it’s big business out there. I posted the same pic on Instagram and even though it’s not ‘actual food’ but ‘food related’ it has received the most likes of any photo I’ve put up before – go figure!! Or it could be that it’s just an awesome photo 😜
      I look forward to seeing what you come up with for this challenge. It’s great to have your insight into the food photo phenomenon. 😊


  2. Great story. It remind me of recently lining up in Lisbon to get the most delicious custard that is famous in Portugal, called pastel de Belem. You eat it fresh and warm.
    I had the same discovery for this week’s challenge: I don’t photograph food!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds delicious too. I love warm custard. I really did miss the boat with food photos but am glad to see I’m not the only one! Thanks for joining in on my post Lucile. 😊


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