Contemplation – Week 8: Who are you going to call?


I have been busy contemplating desleyjane’s latest prompt from her Kikki.K, A Sentence a Day journal.   This week the prompt is:

Who do you want to talk to right now?

contemplationI thought of lots of people I’d like to talk to; I’ve talked with my mum already today, with one of my daughters and messaged the other two.  I’ve talked with my husband and my workmates. I thought of a few politicians I’d like to talk to but that could get unpleasant so I decided I’d go right to the top.

As it’s the Queen’s 90th birthday today I thought I’d like to ring her to have a little chat.  I would politely wish her many happy returns for the day and check on what pressies she was given.  I would tell her that she reminds me of my Great Aunty Lily both in looks and in character.  Aunty Lily was with us until her early 90s and was always a funny little lady.  She was English and loved the monarchy, collecting many plates, cups and countless royal souvenirs throughout her life. She loved a good cup of tea too!

My daughters will tell you that I will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime and I will always mention them in any conversation. So I will tell the Queen about my three beautiful daughters –  how the eldest lives in England so we don’t get to ‘see’ her very often and how she visited Buckingham Palace and London recently.  She’s very creative and has her own travel blog called The Wandering Darlings and a photo blog called Debbie’s Daughter Photography. How the middle daughter graduated with her Masters in Politics and Public Policy just last week and how proud we were to be there, considering she also organised her wedding last year as well as studying and working full time. We live within a few hours drive so luckily we get to see her quite often.  How the youngest is a sailing instructor in Brisbane, so we don’t get to see her much either, but she loves to ring for a chat whenever the urge strikes her (we love her calls, she’s such fun and she’s written a lovely guest post on my blog). We’re also just starting to plan her wedding for late next year so it’s a very exciting time for us all.  I do love being the MOB.  I’ve devoted a whole page on my blog to my Mother of the Bride shenanigans.

Anyway I’m sure the Queen will be very interested in all my chit chat so we will end with a few questions about her.  I’ve just found this article with 8 surprising facts about the Queen and I’d like to check the authenticity of them with her: apparently she’s a trained mechanic, she doesn’t need a passport, she served in WWII, she loves to photobomb and she’s starred with James Bond – just to mention a few.

So in answer to Desley’s prompt – I think I’ll enjoy my call with the Queen 🙂

You can find desleyjane’s post here: Contemplation – week 8, anyone is welcome to join in her blogging challenge by sharing your response and linking back to her post.  It’s fun to think about things and to see how others have interpreted the prompt. I also like that it’s not photo based and it allows me to think, write and post as I see fit!

Thanks for indulging me. So who are you going to call?

Deb x

17 Replies to “Contemplation – Week 8: Who are you going to call?”

  1. Great post Deb and i had a few chuckles. Yep talk to anybody, anytime about anything that’s me too. Reckon it’s genetic. My father was a champion at it. Hope you get some air time with those beautiful girls this long weekend.

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  2. If I would be the Queen, I would envy your family, as she seems to be very happy with her own. And apparently doesn’t even trust Charles to succeed her.
    Great post, Debbie. Great to hear the new developments of the family. MOB again? Congrats!

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