Running for a cause

There’s nothing like running for a cause!  My daughter and her (now) husband and I  have run in the Mother’s Day Classic in Canberra for the past few years and we always enjoy the event. We are off again in two weeks time – yikes!  This year it’s got a bit personal so we will be trying extra hard.

This event is raising money for research into breast cancer and if everyone who participates raises just $50 then the target of $4 million will be able to be met.  If you’d like to donate feel free to click this link!  I love the fact that the run or walk gets people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds together for a great cause. It’s also great fun!

I haven’t been able to run a sub 30 minute 5km yet – despite all the training I’ve been doing! I’ve been very close to this time but just not close enough.  I’m determined that this year I will do it.  It’s my year! I’m also entered into the Run Melbourne 5km event in July so I’m hoping that my current training will get me a good result. I was out injured for a while last year and have had to take it easy but I’m feeling much better now and ready.

As I’ve pointed about before in my running posts I don’t live close to a Parkrun or a running club so I have to do all my training on my own.  I attend classes at my local gym,  I’ve tried online trainers and have even asked around for anyone local who might like to help me out (no takers) so basically it’s up to me.  I have had my local visiting masseur write me me out a training program, which was very helpful, and much appreciated but when it comes down to it, it’s just me that has to get it done…or not! I do get lonely sometimes but at other times I revel in the alone time that my training gives me.

I have my Runkeeper phone app and my Fitbit that tell me what to do and records my efforts, I have my husband’s support, my daughters support from afar usually by way of encouraging messages and I have my regular blogging friends who inspire me. I also have a desire to keep moving as I get older. What more can I ask for?

Run, Debbie, Run – is my post about our run in 2015 and  On the move is about our 2014 run.  If you want more information about this event here’s the link Mother’s Day Classic.

As I’ve said before it’s not fast and it’s definitely not pretty but I’m out there trying and that’s the main thing.  These sorts of fundraising runs are good for people like me to have something to aim towards and to share the joy of running and being active while raising money for a good cause.

Are you running or walking in one of these events?  I’d love to catch up if you are 🙂

As the promo says – It doesn’t matter how you walk of run, it just matters why!

Wish me luck!

Deb x


10 Replies to “Running for a cause”

  1. Good Luck Deb! I’m sure you will do well. As you know I have just made it into the sub 30′ 5k club.(yay) It wasn’t easy and there’s no way it would’ve happened without starting parkrun in January. As you know I have always run alone but joining the parkrun community has definitely got me running faster (when I run alone I stop for a couple of rests-no stopping at parkrun😀). I wonder if on one of your runs you could get your hubby to pacemake you on his bike? (And get to stick with the pace for the whole 5k!!). Anyway if I can do it then I’m sure you can (eventually) xx

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    1. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I know what you mean about running alone, my fastest runs have been when I’ve managed to get to a park run or run in a fun run. There is a completely different feel to the run and I just run faster. I’m enjoying this new training plan in on and I think it’s making a difference. You’ve done really well! 😊

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  2. It’s about finish lines not finish times to quote the meme 🙂 you are awesome. I would love to come and help you run that sub 30 minute 5km, I know you can do it! But if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, being out there matters. My daughter is doing the MDC too, her very first fun run but I’m not allowed to come! She’s doing it with her BF in Melbourne and I would drop everything to come but I suspect she thinks I’m ‘too fast’ for her….of course fast and slow is extremely relative because I’m usually the one last to finish in my group of running buddies. I’m super proud of you Debbie and super proud of my Isabelle too. Run ladies, run and have a lot of fun in the process x

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