Can you guess the season?

Hugh’s photo challenge has Ronovan in charge this week with the prompt of season. To interpret as we see fit.

So can you guess what season this is?

Pins to kill

I received my new ‘Pins to Kill’ tights in the mail earlier this week with ‘Run Debbie Run’ printed down the leg and I just had to take them out for a spin this morning.  The only problem was that I arrived for my usual 6am class at the gym to find that it wasn’t on this week 😦

hughs-weeklyIt was dark and cold so my choices were to either go back home to bed or continue on and make use of the time.  I found a mini torch in the car and set off for a longer walk than usual in the darkness of the pre-dawn hours.  I had my new tights on to keep me inspired and I managed to take a few snaps with the colourful autumn leaves along the way.

I love autumn and have featured a few colourful shots already this month. You can check them out on my blog if you want to. This one’s my favourite at the moment: Nature as art

So that’s my season post for this week! Enjoy your week 🙂

Deb x

PS.1.  In case you didn’t know – in Australian ‘pins’ are legs.

PS.2. Apparently you can get these tights with photos, words or other designs of our choice printed onto them!  How cool are they?  Would you wear them??








Debbie 🙂

12 Replies to “Can you guess the season?”

  1. those are super cool tights. I would absolutely wear them–probably with your name on them to encourage you since I do not and have no plans to in the future run. 🙂

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